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The company’s activities continued to scale into the seventies.  Its long-term vision for real estate investment was evidenced by its acquisition of a thousand-acre parcel of farmland on the Otay Mesa at the Mexican border early in the decade.  Unfortunately, the recession in the mid-70’s sapped the will of the investment group, and the property was sold.  In the coming years, parcels carved from this property would be sold for several hundred million dollars.  It was an early lesson in the importance of staying power for real estate investing.

This decade brought about a continuation of residential projects in Beverly Hills, with one remodel on Crescent Drive and one on Westwanda Drive.  Raleigh additionally completed one of the first condo-conversions in Beverly Hills.

During this decade, the company also created a 30-unit retirement community in Hemet, California called Sunrise Villas.

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